Opening a branch in physicsforums

I drop sometimes by Physics Forums to pose and answer questions… and I realized that you can have a blog there too. So I opened one and put an entry, you can see it here. In a single day it got around 3 x visitors than here… So I’ll keep both for a while, basically with the same contents… :)



An important organization issue of this blog is that each post will have a tag stating its expected audience. The human population is divided, to this effect, into five categories:

Muggles: people with no interest whatsoever in physics, no curiosity about the world around them. Also called philistines. I don’t think we will devote many posts to them…

Little Grasshopper: lowly initiate in the mysteries of the universe, seekers of beauty and truth, striving for illumination. Freshman level. Also called little padawans or hobbits.

Rangers of the North: they’ve been allowed to reach some glimpses of illumination, like the understanding of e^{i\pi}=-1, and feel it is awesome. College grad level. Also called hackers.

Jedi Master: they’ve followed their path through the mindscape, unveiling mysteries, and also trying to show it to others. Also named istari, wizards, gurus

Sensei of the Galaxy: (銀河 の 先生) those touched by the fingers of the gods… I don’t think we’ll devote many posts to them, either.