Hey, what’s that!?

Hey, long time without posting. Hope this will change drastically in the near future. In the meantime… can anybody tell me what’s that!? :)


2 thoughts on “Hey, what’s that!?

  1. SPOILER ALERT! I’m giving the solution! :) :) Don’t read if you have not thought for yourself! …

    They’re just three complex functions, the first one is f(z)=z^3, then f(z)=sin(z) and f(z)=log(z). Brightness gives the modulus, color gives the “phase”: red -> 1, green -> e^{i 2pi/3}, green -> e^{-i 2pi/3} [this means that, as you travel in a circle, you find red-blue-green and then red again].

    Notice that each color in f(z)=z^3 appears three times. In the case of f(z)=log(z), there is a “cut”, a discontinuity in color, from blue to green…

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