This time the challenge is directly… to find out what’s that! I promise, it’s an extremely simple algorithm. I got the idea in a coffee-talk conversation, as good physics napkins should :), I don’t know if somebody has given them a name. For me, they’re sqpirals…


BTW, the final frame is, I know, my desktop… But I was too lazy to repeat the video! XD


4 thoughts on “Sqpirals

  1. Come on guys! What’s happening that no one is saying anything in this wonderful blog? Javi, I have no idea of what this is, but it looks beautiful … does the letter q come from quantum? Maybe can you give a hint to the audience? ;-)

  2. :) You’re so nice! The “q” is not for quantum, it’s far simpler, in fact. Think simple… Only elementary geometry is needed, although it may be surprising!

  3. Starts with a spiral with angle between segments of 180 deg. Each segment is slightly longer than the last one (so it is a spiral). The video shows what happens as the angle between segments varies from 180 deg down to 0. When it hits 135 deg you get a octagonal spiral, when it hits 90 you get a square spiral etc.

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