Robots, ho!

May I introduce you to Paquito? Less shiny than C3PO and less obnoxious than R2D2… yet a great basketball player! Poor Paquito didn’t win the Galapabot’10 competition, which took place last weekend. For some strange reason, I was appointed judge in the event. In the pic, my face is strategically covered by one of Paquito’s gears.

So the game, organized by one of my little padawans (recently upgraded to young jedi), Irene by name, was basically to clean your ground half of balls, by dumping them to your opponents’ half.

In the pic you can see BEAST III in action, aka Terminator, it was really a great piece of work! As a remarkable side issue: you can see a girl driving a robot. There are geek girls in robotics!!  BEAST III was created and handled by a Swedish-non Swedish team. OK, I guess this last sentence needs explaining. The Svartmetall team came from the Intl. school of Stockholm, yet none of the members were Swedish! Also worth mentioning the other robots: Chucky, Franky, Smurf (made on the spot!) and BEAST 3.5.

The competition had an autonomous stage, where the robots had to act on their own, following their programs only. After that, the human drivers take control. I guess it is the first stage when you have the feeling that you have created something… The soul of Isaac Asimov was looking upon us, I am pretty sure.


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