Compressed numbers


Which is the next number?

If you know the answer, don’t give me the pattern. Just write the next number as a comment, ok? :)

Dilbert data compression


10 thoughts on “Compressed numbers

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  2. after slv’s …13211321322112 this is a nice game for the boring classes of…(not calculus we’re too busy with geometry richt javi?!)

    think i got the superhighway problem with an stupid and incredible easy solution(obviously it will be totally wrong…) but there are many images to be sent i cannot send em to your mail (it doenst allow me…)

  3. Ycs, you sound like Fermat, when he said he had a wonderful proof for his “theorem”, but unfortunately the margin of the book was too small to write it down…! ;) I may explain the superhighway problem here, it’s easy to formulate.

    And yes, you all were quite busy with the geometry… ;)

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